Video Visits

Video Visits allow our Doctors to provide more focused care to Patients, without having to leave their home or Office. Doctors can view, listen, evaluate and engage with Patients to diagnose their issues and provide an effective treatment plan and offer better clinical outcome.

How does it work?

TeleMed lets Patients to Book, and meet with a Doctor from the comfort of home; no traveling to an unfamiliar office or time lost getting there. It's the same as meeting directly but Video visits works at the time and place that works for them.

Electronic Health Records

TeleMed offers most convenient user interface to upload electronic medical records and thus allowing a Doctor of his choice to review the documentation electronically via TeleMed Doctors App or Desktop App before they meet via Video Visits.


TeleMed Patients App offers ePrescriptions feature which allows Patients to receive Electronic Prescriptions from the Doctors after every video visit they complete. App allows Patients to download them as PDF files and produce it to a Pharmacist to get required medicines.

International standards

All of Telemed’s technology solutions, business processes, engineering development, and delivery protocols are built with integrated security and compliance at their core. Furthermore, Telemed's infrastructure components are deployed within the HIPAA compliant Microsoft Azure infrastructure. All data is encrypted for both internal and external network communications.

Is Remote diagnosis a possibility?

Through TeleMed, each Doctor will determine if a focused or more comprehensive medical evaluation needs to be performed. The Doctor will also perform a remote physical examination to ensure that Patient visit achieves the same level of quality as an in-person visit. Many of the most common medical cases can actually be treated by Video Visit.

How this benefits the Hospital

Telemed is a 100% customisable solution that works for clinics or Hospitals

Provide a lot of inspirational tips, information about Vaccinations, First Aid, and Heart health.

Patient requiring resuscitation or in need of immediate medical attention, App supports Code blue Alert to immediately notify the hospital about the emergency.

White labeled as an application for the Hospital with ZERO upfront fee or investment from the hospital.

Brand your hospital digital identity absolutely free!!

Supports intenational security standards.

HIPPA Compliance to protect Patient Data confidentiality.

Free application forDoctors to write SOAP notes and Discharge summary.

Hassle free Electronic Health records management.

Collects feedbacks on the go and via app improve the patient experience.

Cut your reception and call center costs using Artifical Intelligence based chatbot "Xara".

List out Doctors and let Patients browse through and fixup appointment with the Doctor of their choice.

App adds value to the Patient- Provider engagement model via Video Visits

TeleMed is a Mobile Application Platform using advanced communications technologies to support long-distance Video Visits, Wellness care, Patient health education, Push Alerts, Health Analytics, Electronic health Records administration, and SOAP Notes

More About


Various core competency modules have been tightly coupled together and administered using the WEB Control panel and thus makes the entire system scalable.


Zero or minimal effort is required to introduce additional features and Customisations.


Built to maintain performance and user experience to a user base span across the country where Practices are situated.


Easily able to expand and contract its resource pool to accommodate heavier or lighter loads.

Access and Passwords

Capabilities for password protection, restricted access to DB, and secure password resets.

Role based Restrictions

Supports role based user access & feature restriction capabilities.


Authentication prior to accessing protected information and credentials are secured in storage and via SSL.


Measures are in place to prevent, detect and log unauthorised attempts to access the platform.

UX Validations

Platform ensures that input validation is applied whenever input is received through user or external data interfaces.

Encryption and Data transfer

Platform uses a cryptographic algorithm with a key size equal to or greater than 256 bit for data encryption.


HIPAA compliant hosting provisioned and vulnerability protected servers to host the applications.

Telemed Proposition

Telemed comes as a completely white labeled​ ​platform

Patient portal, Mobile apps for Doctors, and Patients helps us to cover all stakeholders ​

Choice of Telemed will have Zero upfront investment requirements. We take care of all

Telemed is a Ready to Deploy and managed healthcare solution which could be configured on Cloud servers.

Integration with HIS is quite possible with Telemed which is done on a case to case basis

Yearly assured support and dedicated account manager for every installation

For those who does not have access to smart phones, our WEB CRM allows to take video calls and also leverage marketing campaigns.


Telemed is a mobile platform that best suites for Health care providers.

Telemed is a mobile platform that best suites for Practices or Health care providers. It is an app platform that upholds international standards for Patient Care and Engagement.
Ofcourse. The Video Appointments feature allows patients to book Video sessions with the Hospital via their mobile app. Hospital will, up on confirmation of the booked slot and pay for it, initiate the video session with the Patient.

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