Dr Rekha has finished her graduation in Chennai and has undergone panchakarma and clinical training at the prestigious Vaidya Ratnam oushada sala, Thrissur , kerala. Dr.Rekha has been an academic topper and winner of jeevaka award for academic excellence which is given by the renowned Himalaya pharmaceuticals.

During her initial days of practice she has worked under the guidance of various siddha and Ayurveda vaidyas. Who have showered their knowledge and Nadi diagnosing skills. During the days in Malaysia she was fortunate to learn foot reflexology and treat various rare aliments. It was during this period when she learned to expertise in feild of skin disorders like psoriasis , eczema and various gynecological conditions.

Dr Rekha has been a active blogger and author for various websites and books including Ayurveda experience which is one best site for Ayurveda in the united states. She has contributed enormously to nalvazhu the only Tamil health magazine in Malaysia. She has done health awareness programmes in Tamil channel vendar TV.