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Integrated Telehealth and
Health records management

Virtual calls that works
anywhere any time

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Custom branding - Your business,
your app and your portal

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Telehealth that works across

Value to


Access to world class healthcare at the comfort of their home or office, hassle free healthcare access, emergency assistance, improved clinical outcomes and healthy life through education, technology and accessibility.

Value to


Build an eco-system that combines technology expertise and Clinical experience, step-up the traditional treatment mechanisms with innovative procedures, streamline revenues, lower administrative costs, zero down payments for technology access and expand their areas of specialties.

Value to


Hassle free management due to price transparency, lowered administrative costs (as the expense of managing paper records, direct visits, Diagnosis and case management is cut down), and a larger healthy population.

Your Virtual care solution provider

We are a leading Virtual Practice Solution provider with Video visits, Integrated Medical Records management and healthcare eCommerce, all in one place.

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Allows your Patients to have HIPPA Compliant virtual visits with Providers securely and conveniently any time anywhere.

The right diagnosis leads to better results. Allow Providers to diagnose and access to your patients' health records instantly via TeleMed Platform, and make them accessible to the Providers during consultations. TeleMed™ allows integration of medical records in PDF, Image and Radiology DICOM file formats

Allow your patients to keep track of health vitals with TeleMed™ and integrate with your wearable information on the go

Let your patients’ lookup the nearest healthcare facility and specialist based on the medical symptoms and keywords.

Get notified about the purchases, virtual visits you have booked through the platform. Tell patients about what's new and send communication about events that may be relevant to them.


Provide rebranded Patient Portal to your Patients to access everything they do mobile, on web site as well. Integrated with a health updates, virtual visits and Patient information any time anywhere

Patient billing is always an issue for the Providers. Integrated reimbursements and claims through the billing facility available with in TeleMed

Integrated shop feature allows Providers to sell medical equipments, travel for treatment plans and healthcare packages and get paid for those via online payment portals. App integrates with shipment tracking and thus giving your patients real time access to the shipment information real time

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We work inline with delivering quality care and make it more affordable by providing technology access to every individual via mhealth solutions. Become one of us by joining our happy Customers and offer better clinical outcomes and healthy life through education, technology and accessibility.


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Your Apps, your brand and your Patients

Telemed offers white labelled apps and portals for you so your Patients downloads your Apps from Appstores and communicates with you!

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