App for Patients

A single mobile app that will bring your stamping, logo and images, colour of your choice, building it easy to recognize your own app and make it available for your patients.

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App for Providers

A single mobile app that will bring your stamping, logo and images, colour of your choice, building it easy to recognize your own app and make it available for your patients.

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Web Portals

A personalized website that allows patients to book appointments online, Access the medical records, Visit summary, intake forms and read your health blogs.

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What is Telehealth

Smartphones are everywhere, internet connections are faster and consumers are eager to engage with doctors on their own time from the convenience of their home or office. Doctors are now finding better, cheaper and more efficient ways to deliver healthcare services than other practices. Where the Telehealth technology demand also raised.

About TeleMed

TeleMed is a Point-to-Point Video Consultation Platform powered by NOCON. We are a Technology provider offering Telemedicine Technology to Healthcare Practices. TeleMed is a marketplace using which you could bring all your Partners, Collaborators and Stakeholders including Patients, Doctors and Hospitals, Diagnostic Labs and Pharmacies. They all can collaborate on single SaaS based Cloud hosted Platform called TeleMed.

  • Value to


    Access to world class healthcare at the comfort of their home or office, hassle free healthcare access, emergency assistance, improved clinical outcomes and healthy life through education, technology and accessibility.

  • Value to


    Build an eco-system that combines technology expertise and Clinical experience, step-up the traditional treatment mechanisms with innovative procedures, streamline revenues, lower administrative costs, zero down payments for technology access and expand their areas of specialties.

  • Value to


    Hassle free management due to price transparency, lowered administrative costs (as the expense of managing paper records, direct visits, Diagnosis and case management is cut down), and a larger healthy population.

TeleMed app

Your Apps, your Brand and your Patients

TeleMed offers white labelled apps and web portals Healthcare practices so your Patients could download your branded mobile apps from the appstores and get consultations, home care services, buy medical packs, and request medical second opinions from you at their convenience.

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TeleMed app

The Virtual Care with TeleMed

We are a leading Virtual Practice Solution provider with Video visits, Integrated Medical Records management and healthcare eCommerce, all in one place.

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What our clients say

We are very satisfied and happy to have found Nocon as our software development partner. During our relationship, Nocon has developed a good understanding of our own vision and workflows and found a way to successfully complement our operations without causing any discontinuities or issues on our side.
TeleMed client

Mr. Yunus Saleem

CEO - Global Treatment Services Pvt Ltd, INDIA
I have worked with the best people , very professional and very caring . I will recommend their business to anyone.
TeleMed client

Dr. Azzedine Stambouli

CEO - Global Health International, USA
KIHMARL telehealth Collaborating with Nocon TeleMed team has opened a new path to digital healthcare delivery in Nigeria.From a simple and effective App development to timely support, it's been a wonderful experience which can only get better. Thank you Nocon TeleMed team.
TeleMed client

Dr. Jude Thaddeus

CEO - Kihmarl TeleMed, NIGERIA

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