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Store and forward

Store and forward

TeleMed Platform is ideal for evidence-based care in which providers are able to gather all the information on a patient, analyse that data, match it to evidence-based care and make a diagnosis. While perhaps not suitable for emergency care, it gives providers the leeway to add clinical decision support to the process and eliminates the sometimes-inconvenient requirement of having both patient and doctor available at the same time. Telemed allows your patients to submit medical records and evidences and submit them to the Provider of their choice and pay for the service real time. The provider then takes charge of the situation and responds back to the Patient with the clinical decisions. This is more of an asynchronous method of telemedicine support and more convenient method for non-emergency support services.

Major benefits to store-and-forward technology:

  • It enables patients to access specialty care without having to travel to the specialist;
  • It reduces wait times for specialty consults and improves the workload for specialists;
  • It enables primary care providers and specialists to work together on cases regardless of location.

It enables the specialist to review cases when it’s convenient for him/her; and It generally breaks down language and cultural barriers.