Improving Medical Tourism Services with TeleMed App

TeleMed, offers access to the world class healthcare at the comfort of their home or office, Hassle free healthcare access, Manage health records electronically, automated prescriptions and long term medical history access, emergency assistance, improved clinical outcomes and healthy life through education, technology and accessibility.

Let us see some ideas for improving Medical Tourism Services with TeleMed mHealth solution for Healthcare!

1. Second Opinions: Patients can request Second Opinions via TeleMed application and the medical outcomes and comparative data are usually communicated in tables. Medical Second opinion covers data from EHRs, HL7 and X12 Integrations, Vitals, Summary of Doctor Visits, and Prescriptions.

2. With an EMR system provided by TeleMed : It’s easy to gather patient clinical notes, diagnostic scans, medical administrator records, and discharge summaries in digital form. Patients can access their medical records from a smartphone and share the information with overseas healthcare providers.

3. Pre-procedural evaluation meetings: Patient would interact with his foreign care providers. TeleMed will allow comprehensive face-to-face and one-on-one remote-consultations.

4. Patient Referrals : Cloud based Web CRM allows deep linking of Patient’s electronic medical records and makes it available to the selected Doctors in the system for periodic reviews and second opinions.

5. Procedural Meetings: The primary care physician can actively participate in all encounters, including surgeries as observers, and be an integral part of the care process.

6. ePrescriptions : Physician can write their prescriptions via TeleMed app with his signature and License number. Patients can take a printed Prescription and get Medicines from the Pharmacy.

7. Follow-up encounters: Patient gets in touch with his foreign care providers whenever he requires. TeleMed allows a face-to-face interaction where the local primary care physician can actively participate to ensure better level of post-procedural and follow-up care to be delivered.

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