Custom app for your practice

A single mobile app that will bring your stamping, logo and images, colour of your choice, building it easy to recognize your own app and make it available for your patients.

Access scheduled appointments and telehealth service

Accept and answer to consultation requests from patients, reschedule follow-up appointments for your patients on the app.

Claim Submission and reimbursements

Follow-up and consult with patients through telemedicine services like Video Consultations with claim submissions and reimbursement options for each consultations.

Virtual Visits

24/7/365, face to face virtual, HIPAA compliant secure video connection, all from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Anywhere, anytime! Adding telehealth to your practice offers patients simple, on-demand care – without the usual wasted time and cost of most in-person visits. Patients who live in remote locations, or who are homebound or just can’t take off time from work, can access care virtually.

Set your availability timeslots

Set your availability week to week from your handy device and let patients to reserve slots upon doctor availability. Already booked slots won’t available for other patients and the cancelled slots will get available for them to book new consultations.

Access Patient’s electronic health records

Doctors can access patient’s health records like X-rays, CT scans, Ultrasounds and MRIs. A completely secure and HIPPA complaint storage on cloud.

Easy to manage patient health profile

Access your complete patient lists and all of their health information in one place. Get a comprehensive view of all of your patients' health data to aid you create up-to-date decisions about their health.

Collect payment for services

Assemble payments online, view invoices of all clinic and online consultations and assess revenue reports to achieve your practice and finances.

Manage Second Opinion Requests

Getting a second opinion from different hospitals and different consultants are very easy.

Sell Products to Patients

Online medical store enables you to sell products and services to tap into the millions of potential customers and quickly increase your bottom line. Become a trusted source of healthcare products and services to millions of clients nationally and globally, we could instantly improve customer satisfaction by allowing people to browse and purchase products whenever they want.

Manage Health blogs

Blogs were created for people to record their thoughts and opinions and share them with readers.

Receive Email alerts and notifications

Receive email alerts and push notifications for appointment booking, cancelation, new inquiries and shop order placements etc.

Manage Prescriptions

Manage e-prescriptions and consultations notes on-the-go with speech to text conversion. Access details of your patient’s earlier engagements with your practice.

Manage Case Notes

Documenting patient encounters in the medical record is an integral part of practice workflow starting with patient appointment scheduling to writing out notes. Health care providers can write out their admission note for their each patient’s encounters.

Mobile apps for your Doctors

Whether you are an individual practitioner, doctor, clinic, hospital or any healthcare provider, we are proposing a customized app for you to manage your schedule and telehealth consultations.

Get your branded Doctor mobile app for a very low monthly fee with all features and capabilities. White labelled for your business, hosted and managed by us

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